Please check following frequently asked questions (FAQ) about E-BOQ. If you have further questions to clarify with us, Please Contact Us

FAQ Sales

For 1 Story Building, it will take about 5 days.
For 2 stories building, it will take around 8-10 days.
For 3 or above story building it will take around 2 weeks and it depends on the complexity.
For Road and other structures, it will take around 10 days.
Yes. We are providing Charted Certification if needed, only for BOQ we are creating.
Bank Deposits
Online Transfer
You have to pay 1% of BOQ value
Yes. When you submitted the documents, we will analyze and let you know the advance that you have to pay for going forward with the order.
Take photos of the documents and send us through the form. We will check them and let you know whether we can process with that or not. If we need more information we will contact you and get them.